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The subject is the ‘sublime’ and shows the relationship between landscape, film and poetry. This is a visualisation of three Spanish poems using modern dance with flamenco influences and an especially composed soundtrack based on Medieval Arabic Music from Seville specially composed to picture. The poems are the famous stanza from Federico Garcia Lorca’s “Romance Somnambulo”, “La Gitanilla” by Miguel Cervantes Saavedra and “Galerias” by Antonio Machado.

It is again the art theory of the American sublime which is explored here. Thoreau, with his idea of creating an experience where the viewer transcends his environment and is transported to another level of experience contains the driving concept behind the film. Combined with Kant and his theory of the sublime allowing a contemplation of the enormity in the mind of an experience, make this film a unique experience.

The cast, crew and director have a distinctly international flavour. Maureen McCue and Hilary Preston are Americans, Gabriel Nuzzoli is Italian, Pedro Brandao is Brazilian and Xavier Fernandez is from Catalonia, Spain.

Shown at Canning House to the Anglo Spanish Society, 22 November 2004, at the Dance Video Festival, Brighton UK, 2005 and La Casa Invisible, Malaga, Spain 26 October, 2007.

10 minutes,

Maureen McCue

Gabriel Nuzzoli

Music Composition:
Gabriel Nuzzoli and Pedro Brandao

Pedro Brandao

Hilary Preston

Poetry Read by:
Xavier Fernandez

Available in Spanish and English