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A film about the ‘sublime’, “The Third Narrative”, shows the relationship between landscape and painting. The film relates those aspects of Greek mythology, which show the steps for inspiration to women artists. It concludes that for women the landscape can be within. Filmed in Cornwall, UK, it shows the work of the painter Partou Zia Cook and relates it to the unique Bronze Age and post-industrial landscape of West Penwith via poetry and dance.

Poetry in order of reading:
Emily Dickinson, “Number 569”
Edward Dowden, “Waking”
John McCue “Image of Mystery”
Thomas Moore, “I Saw From the Beach”
John Todhunter, “A Moment”
Alice Kavounas, “Late Summer”
TS Eliot, from “Four Quartets”

The cast, crew and director have a distinctly international flavour. Maureen McCue and Hilary Preston are Americans, Gabriel Nuzzoli is Italian, Dominique Rivoal is French. The poets include four Americans, Dickinson, McCue, Kavounas and TS Eliot (who also doubles as an Englishman). Dowden, Moore and Todhunter were Anglo Irish.

Shown as a video installation at Newlyn Art Gallery, Near Penzance, Cornwall, UK in 2003.

22 minutes,

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Maureen McCue

Cameraman/Sound Mix:
Gabriel Nuzzoli

Original Music Composition:
Gabriel Nuzzoli

Hilary Preston, Dominique Rivoal

Poetry Read by:
Maureen McCue